Blizzard Bag Assignments

BB Assignment #1 “Southernization”

Carefully read Lynda Shaffer’s classic article on “Southernization”. Highlight as you read, mark passages you may have questions, and look up any words that you may not be familiar.

Click on this site:  Southernization Article
Read carefully.

Shaffer is basically exploring the idea that the West began its’
impact on the world in the fifteenth century and the Southern
part of the world had known its’ successes approximately
a thousand years earlier.

Below are questions that should be answered after you have completed your reading and they will help guide you as you consider her thesis.

Good Luck!  You can ask me when you run into difficulties or for further
Ms. N.

Here is the site for you to fill in the answers.


  1. I'm doing the packet, but can i finish it over vacation??

  2. I can't access the site to input the answers. I'll bring them to class.